06/1990 – 06/1993 Robotics Project Engineer at SONY Europe GmbH
Lean Production and Kaizen Toyota Production System development. Technology transfer from Japan to Europe. Responsible for the development and programming of robot production assembly lines. Managing of turn-key factory automation projects in the automotive, mobile phone, pharmaceutical, consumer and capital goods industry. Responsible for individual projects in the construction of assembly lines, switching stations, energy distribution, control concepts for supply chain and Scara Robots, and vision system programming.

01/1994 – 05/1994 Machine Building Project Manager at Seho Lötmaschinen GmbH:
Responsible for timing and control of the operative processes in sales and marketing of soldering machines, from cost estimation to the preparation of bids to acceptance.
In project management, responsible for compliance with cost and time limits within the divisions, electrical construction, manufacturing, installation, turn-over, acceptance and documentation.